TikTok Viewer, born in China but growing rapidly all over the world. It is not only an entertainment way for kids for young people, but also developing as potential marketing way as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube nowadays.

So, most conmen way is influencer marketing through TikTok, or create some original content. Then there is question, how can I find the right influencer on TikTok? How can I find target TikTok web viewer? Right now, we can introduce a nice great helpful tool for you,, it is a website that collect all of videos by different category. Here you can track other TikTok viewers’data and all of hot hashtags, furthermore, you can find TikTok viewers by country.

By analyze the video according to different hashtags, it will helpful to inspire our own video content creation. TikTok is a fun, entertaining app now which showing huge popularity. Everything on TikTok is just beginning now.


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