3000 Leadenhall Rd, Mount Laurel, NJ

They are missing lawful practices, good communication and great customer service. Phone Communication is horrible after waiting for 2 hrs. I being charged for other taxes than my cost in suspense. We have our invoice pay setup to pay them each two weeks and identical to clockwork each month we get an electronic mail saying our payment has not yet been received. Every month you may be billed for the "missed" month plus the current month and a late fee. 7.50 transaction charge which is past outrageous in my opinion!

In the past I had paid online with no issues and no transaction charges. After successful login I've had points with my loan information populating on the secured site. Upon transfer of loan, the letter correspondence was vague and poorly written leaving out vital particulars for mortgage data and cost processing online. My mortgage was just transferred to this firm and it's been a nightmare. Apparently this is the only mortgage company on the planet unable to grasp the essential idea of bi-weekly payments.

I am prepared and in a position to make my mortgage funds however this firm and their lack of assistance could very effectively effect the cost actually being acquired. Possibly but I doubt it as that is never occurred to me before and looking at prior evaluations they have a behavior of shedding funds. I've drained to call them a number of occasions however find yourself holding endlessly. That is the worst mortgage company I've ever had the displeasure of working with in my entire 58 years of life.

They mailed a letter to me on April 8th 2019 stating that they took over my mortgage. My husband has been on hold for over an hour with inconsistent info. After waiting on hold for an excessive amount of time to deliver it to their attention they still won't reverse the late charges and penalties. Here I'm waiting on the phone for someone. I found this odd, however did not get decision until after calling, ready on hold for a major time, and getting transferred.

Never a decision. Once I used to be advised the principal was reapplied back to cover a monthly payment then after i obtained a statement they'd applied the cost back to the principal. I referred to as them days before my cost was due and informed them I used to be ceasing all auto-pay and that they had been no lengthy authorized to drag from my bank account. PHH mortgage then reported me to the credit score bureaus on April 14th 2019. In simply six days from mailing the letter to me I used to be reported for delinquency.
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